Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage in Sydney CBD

Therapeutic Massage Techniques


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Remedial Massage*

Relieves complaints of pain and discomfort by manipulating the muscles to restore normal functions.

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A therapeutic treatment that uses the aromatic scents of essential oils from flowers, plants and trees, improving health and rejuvenating the mine, body and spirit.


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Swedish Massage

A variety of specifically designed technique, relaxing the muscles by applying gentle pressure against the deeper muscles and bones. The subsequent increase of oxygen into the blood stream helps release toxins from the muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage in Sydney CBD at Massage World

Deep Tissue Massage

By compressing deep tissue massage and applying friction along a particular muscle, deep sections of thick muscles are reached, particularly individual muscle fibres. This unlocks the fibres or muscles, releasing both toxins and deeply held tension points.




The feet are considered a mirror image of the body. The corresponding parts of the body can be stimulated by applying pressure to those areas of the foot and may include stretching and movement. Following this, the patterns of stress throughjout the body begin to dissipate.


Traditional Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage

Used for over 2000 years, this treatment may use acupuncture, exercise or massage. Its aim is to adjust and harmonies, to balance Yin and Yang (inner and outer), body and mind.


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Shiatsu (Japanese Massage)

Utilises natural body weight to applying pressure to the body's meridians with assisted stretching techniques. It stimulates circulation, removing deep seated tensions from the muscles.


Stepping Back Massage Image

Stepping Back Massage

Using the feet to apply pressure to acupressure points along the median lines of the body.

Sport Massage

Sports Massage

Treatment involves Swedish massage, cross-fibre friction massage, deep compression massage and trigger point therapy to help to prevent athletic injuries, to prepare for athletic activity and to maintain optimal athletic condition. 

Hot Stone


Hot Stone Massage

This form of therapeutic massage dates back to ancient times. It involves placing heated, smooth and flat stones at specific points on the back, arms and/ or legs to warm and relaxe the muscles in order to remove muscular tension without using strong pressure.

Detox Oil


Detox Oil Massage

A therapeutic treatment that uses the purifying massage oil to enhance the body’s natural detox process.



Pregnancy Massage

This form of therapeutic massage is specifically tailored for the needs of pregnant woment. It tires to relax tense muscules, ease sore spots, improve blood circulation and mobility.


*Remedial Massage and Acupuncture are available for most health fund rebate. For list of health funds please click here.


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